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Animal Farm is a novel about farm animals running a farm and becoming self-sufficient. It is a story with great detail and is a very good book to read because of its surprising events. If you have seen Animal Farm the movie, you would feel completely different. The movie has far less detail and events to make it as interesting as the book.

Characters and Plot Differences


Though the story is basically the same, the lack of details makes the movie dull. One thing that can make a book good is characters. In the book, there were many more animals in the farm. Mollie was a character. When she betrayed the animals by being with a human it gave you a feeling that there were more animals that could be traitors. There were many surprises that shocked me.


The movie did not show many animals except for the main animals. Even though this is a small difference, it can be noticeable. In the movie since there was no Mollie, you did not even have a feeling of suspense for what was going to happen later on.

Napoleon Character


One of those surprises was that Napoleon wanted Snowball ousted. Though Napoleon did not like Snowball, there wasn’t really any evidence that he would try to kill Snowball.


In the movie, Napoleon had a bad image already. He had a mean look and shoved his way in front when Old Major gave his speech. There was also gloomy music when they had scenes of him.

Speech and Communication

Another detail that the movie missed was when all the animals could talk. In the movie not all the animals could talk. This eliminated many important things. Beasts of England were humming when the animals sang it. When they could talk, the words represented the hate they felt for the humans and the injustice they felt was done to them. This is important because this greatly motivated the animals to rebel. If they just hum the tune and call it Beasts of England, it takes away from the mood of the story. Another reason speech is so important is that in the book, animals sometimes questioned authority. Boxer had once questioned Squealer’s actions. It also made it so the regular animals besides the pigs could not communicate with each other and trying to guess their feelings was not easy.

More Differences


The book showed Mr. Jones dying at a relative’s house. The book did not show his death till the end so that before that, you might have thought he would attack again. The book showed the windmill being destroyed twice, indicating the animals’ hardships when they had to do many things over.


The movie showed Mr. Jones being killed in the windmill explosion. The movie showed the windmill blown up once.

The Ending


The book showed it as a sad ending. This book was meant to show you that not everything ends as a happy ending. Animal Farm was a good novel.


One last difference was that in the end, the animals finally rebelled. This was a bad ending for that kind of story. If the animals rebel, there is a small feeling of happiness for the animals. Animal Farm the movie was a bad rendition of the movie. It lacked suspense, surprise, and mood.


Though the story is the same, the details that help the story were lacking in the movie. Animal Farm, the novel, is a lot better than its movie version.

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