Common information you need to know about a research paper

If you want to start a research paper, first of all, you have to understand what is it about? It is academic writing that is based on researchers who were made by the person on a particular topic. Also, it can include analysis and interpretations. A research paper can be of different types and variations. It doesn’t matter what type of work you are doing – a term paper, a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation – all of them can be made in a research form.

Now, you have to ask yourself – how to write a really nice and strong research paper?

  1. A topic. It is the first thing. Choose the best one, a catchy topic that will make people interested in your text. Also, if you choose a topic which you like, then people will feel your attitude to it.
  2. You have to surf the internet a lot. Of course, your topic is just yours, but to get the more new information you have to know the previous one and have a huge background.
  3. Don’t forget that your introduction should have a strong thesis statement as each research papers require it.
  4. Make an outline of the paper. It has to consist of the title page, abstract, introduction that has to include some background information about the topic. Also, you have to make a strong body and divide it into sections. Finish with the conclusion, references, and tables (figures, appendix if it is needed for your topic).
  5. After making an outline, you have to organize all the information. Think critically to use only good and useful information. Choose reliable sources with checked thoughts.
  6. Now you can start writing! But bear in mind that this stage is not the last, as here you make only your first draft.
  7. After that reread the draft, and make sure it corresponds to the outline you made before. Also, check on errors and mistakes.
  8. Finally, type the final paper.

Can you start a research paper with a story?

This is a very common question students have, as we all think that a story will take much space and as a result, we will have fewer things to write. Let’s find it out together.

When you start writing a research paper you have to remember that the best variants to start will be the next ones:

1. Writing definitions

Exactly here we clarify all unknown words and things the audience might face while reading your text. So, if your paper is dedicated to some specialized topic which has a lot of unfamiliar words for the common reader, write definitions to make the reading process easier and more interesting. You may start an introduction with defining a central word or phrase which is used most of all in the text. But please, don’t use the definition if it will not give any needed information to the reader.

2. Adding an Anecdote or Quotation

If you use this method, it will make the reading process easier. What happens to you when you appear in a new company and see that people say jokes and simply have fun? You feel relaxed. The same is here – start with an anecdote. Can you start a research paper with a personal story? Yes, you definitely can. You may use a piece of the story from a legend or myth or even your own example.

3. Creating a Contrast

The good thing is to start with a point you disagree with. For example, you may start with a sentence describing that breastfeeding up to three years old is not good for mental health of the child; they make a transition with a word like “however” or “but,” and explain your point of view with researchers you made before.

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Starting a research paper process

Writing texts, especially catchy introductions can be a hard thing. Sometimes it even frustrates. But it doesn’t need to be like that if you will plan your paper very good. What can go wrong if you will make an outline and draft with all needed information, personal stories, or the ones from books? Just stay focus. You can do everything with your text, even to start it with a story. Look at the pieces of advice below to understand how will be better to begin each part of the paper:

  • In the beginning, you have a chance to introduce your topic and grab your reader’s attention. Bear in mind the next thing – never starts with words like “In this paper, I will” or “This paper is about.” This is not cool, really. Start with something strong! Is your research connected to some fact, story or interesting quotation? Then use it! Even anecdote is a good variant to begin the text.
  • And as you see, yes, you may start with the story, but make it precise, concrete and the one which will grab.
  • The middle sentences of the introduction have to inform all the various points of view your paper might have.

All the previous information is needed to be written in accordance to be relevant to the thesis statement. It has to show the overall idea of the essay and show your personal point of view. It has to be concrete and precise. Also, it has no problem to be no longer than one sentence.

Now, look at the example of an introductory paragraph for a paper we wrote. We started the paper with a fact, then presented each main point of the paper and then ended with the thesis statement.

Comics have been part of America since the 1930’s, and their appeal has survived to the present day. Graphic novels are comics in a trade paperback format – the story is told both through text and through images. Graphic novels first appeared on the scene in 1978 and are steadily becoming mainstream in American culture (Maureen Mooney, 2002). In recent years, much debate has been stirred regarding whether or not graphic novels have a place within a library’s collection. To most, comics and graphic novels are silly, violent and chauvinistic. However comics are no longer simply men in tights – many graphic novels deal with current issues, serious subjects, and learning.

So, now you can cope with such a complicated task as writing a research paper. All that you need is to follow some rules and pick the best voice of the future creation. Do not hesitate and try different ways to grab readers’ attention; one of them is a story. Be brave and start with your own experience; perhaps it will help your target audience to realize the aim and plot of the paper better.

To sum it up, now you know the answer to the question if you can start a research paper with a story? You may write it but make sure that the story will be interesting to the reader, and will grab his attention.

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