What is a research paper?

The research paper is an activity, aimed at collecting, analyzing, interpreting and organizing certain information. Research paper implies the use of specialized scientific methods, reference to a wide stratum of scientific literature. It is focused on obtaining a result that represents a research value.

Many students are wondering how to write a research paper to make subsequent protection being successful. This article is devoted to answering can you use blogs in research papers, to give a number of useful tips and recommendations that will help to accomplish the task as good as possible.

Can you use blogs in research papers?

Definitely, you can! To make your research paper more attractive, you can use blogs in research papers. A blog is an online magazine, an online diary, the main content of which is systematically added entries. Records contain text, photographs, graphic elements or multimedia. Blog entries are usually not long and are grouped in reverse chronological order. Most blogs are public, have readers who engage in controversy with the author of the blog through comments to the entry or on their blog.

Comments to the blog have made it a mean of communication in the network, which surpasses e-mail, forums, and chats by some criteria. Personal sites, consisting of owner records and comments, are also referred to blogs.

Not only the structure of records but also the ease of adding them is a feature of blogs. It is enough for the blog owner (blogger) to be identified on the web server in order to add a new record. The server places the latest messages at the top.

The blog provides an opportunity to say something and make everyone hear it. People will read the entry at a time convenient for them, or ignore it if it’s not interesting for them.

How can you use blogs in research papers?

The modern world is developing very fast, that’s why the library’s sources are not the only one thing used in the research paper. Students often go to different websites and are not sure, whether they can use information from the blogs. Of course, you can (and should) cite anything, including a conversation, email exchange or blog. Citing a blog in an academic paper could be considered similar to citing an op/ed in a newspaper. The real question is how the professor (or another grader) will consider the authority of the source.

When doing research, especially on the Web, be wary of unreliable sources since anyone can publish on the Internet. The professor who grades your paper could accept a blog source IF it was reliable and relevant. Citing a respected author/writer with expertise in a field would be fine since he/she is a “known quantity.” Citing an anonymous blogger would not.

If a “fact” stated in your paper comes from a blog, it is probably wise to verify from a more concrete source. Currently, blogs, like Wikipedia, are not respected in scholarship. They should only be cited to demonstrate a level of knowledge that is conversed about at the popular level. But basing real research on them is not a good idea.

To sum up, you can certainly use the blog as a cited source, but you should not count it as fulfilling the requirement of 3-5 academic sources.

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What is the main importance of a blog in the studying process?

Nowadays, you’ll not surprise your teacher by using blogs for research papers. On the contrary, it will serve as a big plus for your work, because:

  1. The blogosphere can partly fulfill the functions of social networks, allowing restoring, and maintain interrupted social ties. Most people, who lead and comment on blogs, do this for the sake of communicating with interesting people and expanding their audience. A blogger can find a friend or listener on the network. You can express yourself; share your thoughts, ideas, creations through a blog. Any blog broadcasts information about the identity of the author to some extent.
  2. A blog means a lot to users as a personal diary, a record in which you can reread after a while. It will help you not to forget about the details of the events that occurred in the lives of the people.
  3. The blog can be seen as an opportunity to share problems and get the support and advice of a large number of people – this is a kind of psychotherapy.
  4. With the help of a blog, you can form a vision of your organization, influence impressions about products and services, thereby promoting them.

As far as you can see, a blog is the same thing as a site, only its special kind. Sites can be different: news, forums, online stores. And still, there is such kind of site, called a blog, which is widely used in writing research papers.

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