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Speaking skill

Speaking skill is considered to be one of the most important skills of all the four skills which should be mastered by all students. By using speaking students are capable of expressing and conveying their meanings, thoughts ideas, beliefs and opinions orally to other people in a dialogue form even it is a formal or informal dialogue inside or outside the school. As known speaking is considered to be the most common tool in the communicational process.

English language especially outside the classroom

Using English language especially outside the classroom is not easy for EFL students. Because the majority of learners are frightened of speaking so many of them are very worried about their lack of fluency and proficiency even though most of them have a wide range of enough vocabulary and a good grammar. In order to solve this problem, it has been suggested and recommended that learners must be provided with the maximum opportunities and space to practise this skill enough and interact with others.

Main part of the oral productive skill

Speaking as the main part of the oral productive skill in which both the sender and the receiver (speaker and listener) are actively involved in the educational process where they can easily negotiate and interpret meanings. The speaker (sender) has to encode the meanings he/she wants to convey to the listener to be able to understand and interpret the message clearly. Both of the speaker and the listener (sender and the receiver) must catch and deliver the meaning that the message includes is he/she has speaking competence. He/she must have many chances and opportunities to catch competence. Motivation is needed in practicing as it is the cause which leads anyone to do anything (practicing speaking) when students want to learn a new language they have many reasons to learn this language.

Teaching language’s skills

Teaching language’s skills especially speaking skill require the teacher and the learner to have complex activates as it needs student’s capacity like fluency, grammar, organization, pronunciation and content. Students are described as good students and good in content if they have the ability to use concepts and words which are suitable for the experience and knowledge of any general audience, They are described to be good in pronunciation if they have a high standards of English accent, They are described to be good in organizing if they have the ability to manage the ideas which are related to the text structure in the chosen topic without any hesitation and they are called to have good grammar, if they have the ability to make sentence without errors of grammar or word order(Shumin, 2002).


Motivation is considered to be the main element and vital key to learn any language, learning process as it is regarded as an antidote for all behavior and learning outcomes in the educational process. Richard (2008) mentioned that all students are generally motivated to set and achieve their goals to learn any language. Their reasons are the goals of the process of learning and mastering that language.

On learning language motivation which is generally considered to be a reason for success or failure of the learner when he intends to learn a new language, motivation plays a vital role in the process of mastering the new language.

Giving attention to these reasons during language classrooms, many teachers who intend and reduce and lessen these negative factors and create a comfortable atmosphere away and without anxiety by making use of many activates such as role-playing, collaborative learning, games, task-based language teaching, pair and group work and adopting communicative teaching strategies and methods.

Nowadays teacher

Nowadays teachers’ roles have become very different than the last decades by using the latest language teaching methods and approaches teachers play many roles in the teaching process such as participant, adviser and facilitator who create a comfortable atmosphere, encourage learners to practise and communicate by using the target language rather than their mother tongue(Larsen-Freeman & Anderson, 2013).

Many studies mentioned that Practice makes perfect–constantly look for opportunities to do so in this study the researcher not only wants to make students cooperate together but also make use of this cooperation by giving students a real chance to practice the target language by using jigsaw strategy in order to improve speaking skill and students’ motivation to speak English without any anxiety.


It is known that there are many preparatory Schools which still use traditional methods to teach speaking skill, as the teacher only gives the traditional material and explains it as usual then he/she gives some example and supporting it be giving exercises. This traditional method is no longer effective because students feel bored and they also need much time to speak the language effectively and master speaking English in conversation or communication. Since, the researcher will get rid of this traditional method and use other method that will be able to improve the students’ speaking skill. this methods is called Jigsaw, it is focused in cooperative learning and group working that can build the students’ communication ability and increase motivation to speak English with others even if they are foreign people or friends as by using this effective method students will be able to share, learn, explain, retell the story, discuss certain topic in English in their groups and they also will be able to give response and opinion for other students in the groups, beside that, this method is also based on peer tutoring work group and cooperative learning so students will express their ideas without any shy and they will ask questions if there is some difficulties to their friends who are clever without being freighted of their teacher also the method can effectively motivate students to study and increase teaching learning process.

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