High school is a beautiful time of explorations and maturing since it develops the personality traits, intellect, and knowledge. Alongside this, it’s a time when students receive their first academic complicated tasks as preparatory work to a college or university. Here, you are most probably going to be asked to conduct a series of high school papers that resemble, to some extent, the assignments given at a higher educational institution.

Students prefer to pay for a research paper and do more useful things.

In this article, we offer you a short and concise guide on how to write a research paper for high school students that they look just like works at a college.

Before actually rolling up your sleeves and starting to write, you need to pay close attention to whatever a teacher says since they, most often, give essential information about assignments but water it down with other not the most involving things.

Main steps in writing a research paper for high school

Make sure that you know your requirements. For this, get to know a task better including its technical aspects, i.e., fonts and font’s size, interval, spaces, etc. Also, write down a topic required by your teacher precisely the way it’s said (you don’t what to write a paper about global warming when it has to be about globalization.

When you’ve got the necessary information, it’s time to get to the task itself.

For starters, get to know about research paper topics and write down all possible sources and interesting facts that you can use while you conduct the writing. The best way to do this is to look up articles, books, researches and other materials with the same or a similar thesis statement as it widens your perspective and encourages coming up with new ideas.

In case, if a topic is not given by a teacher you need to find one on your own. It’s good to find a direction in which you’d like to conduct your research and then narrow it down. You can use different techniques like brainstorming, mind-mapping, etc. As long as a chosen topic seems interesting to you, and you’d like to deal with it for the next few hours, you will succeed.

Prepare an outline

The next step is to create an outline of your research paper for high school. You can do it graphically, by drawing it, or like a scheme, by writing down the most important passages. Divide your future work into three parts, which are introduction, body, and conclusion. Use keywords and make a template of what is going to be your text.

Note: The more branch-specific words you choose for your parts, the easier it’ll be for you when writing.

Now, you need to write an introduction. Usually, it should take no more than 10% of your whole paper and provide a reader with the general idea of what a text is going to be about. For this, add an overall description of a topic and create a thesis statement, which usually is a passage that opens a discussion followed and argued throughout the research.

If you investigate a significant historical personality, then you can add their famous quote or insert a controversial fact about their life the will be ‘unraveled’ later. Mind that your statement and idea should be clear to a reader right away since it can bring confusion and spoil the text’s comprehension.

You’ve opened a door, and now you can see a few long paths twirl all the way to the horizon, and it’s your job to take one of them and stick to it till the end. This metaphor is good for a body part because it’s necessary to understand that you have to follow only one way of thinking since the main idea has already been established in the introduction.

A body includes typically for 3-5 paragraphs that express a particular opinion about a topic. Each of these opinions has to be supported by arguments, which are drawn from different credible sources.

Make sure that your text is free of ‘I’ and ‘We’ since this research paper for high school students should be an example of a neutral and objective perspective.

When you’re done with the body, and you’ve explained your point on a topic as thoroughly as you wanted, here comes a conclusion. So, the case of findings is quite simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Conclusions include a summary from all previously stated points of the body. Here, you need to shortly and concisely retell what the whole research is about, what is an overall solution of the thesis statement, and why this research is essential, i.e., due to its novelty, objectivity, or the topic’s significant impact on everyday life.

The last step is to proofread and revise the work. It’s better to give your eyes and mind at least a few hours to rest before editing it since even the biggest mistakes are unnoticeable when you’re tired.

That’s our short guide on how to write a research paper or high school students, so it looks an official academic work. Follow the easy steps and get your A+!

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