The question “How to make a research paper longer?” should equal “How to develop your thoughts in a way that shows your knowledge of key concepts and gives you an opportunity to add something more to the discussion of the assignment?” Requirements should always be met, especially those ones concerning the format, like minimum page count. But it shouldn`t mean that you obligatory have to look at word count after every single sentence, clause or even word combination. Everything depends on you, take control of your writing and enjoy it. You will find below eight tips to make your research paper longer which will help you increase the word count and make that process more pleasant.

Get interested in writing a research paper

If you love what you do, you will probably achieve a lot. Have you noticed that if you were describing, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of something, you were more likely do dwell eagerly on those issues that you agreed with and found acceptable? Being interested in a topic of research paper provides a person with a possibility to deepen into the discussion, analyze the data, compare the facts and communicate in writing with more willingness.

Do enough research

The topic of the research paper may be branches of Stylistics, civil society, the Middle Ages or whatever. While you are undertaking tertiary education, you are not an expert. So find those experts, find their works. Numerous scholars can provide different classifications, definitions, diagrams, since some topics are really rather controversial, or vice versa their attitudes towards certain issue may coincide. Whether scientists opinions are the same or differ, be ready to contrast and evaluate them, examine key points and possible interpretations, provide reasons and evidence for something, present a description of the most important features.

Get focused

Don’t allow subtle nuances of meaning of some phenomenon that you are investigating in your research paper get you discouraged. Read aloud what you have already composed. If you discover that there is some gap, explore it deeper and add some more information. Read again and again the rubric or prompts, if you’ve been provided with. Splitting compound sentences, lengthening and expanding, making appropriate subheadings are those tricks to make your research paper longer. While applying them pay attention to maintaining the development of the topic and subtopics in the proper direction, for an example research paper on a person.

Start writing with the body

Division of a research paper may be the following: an introduction (about 10% of the assignment), discussion (about 80% of the assignment) and conclusion (about 10% of the assignment). If you are thinking about an introduction, but can’t decide what should be included there, skip it and make a plan of those points that are worth mentioning in the body. It helps save time as while writing the biggest part of the research paper; you have to consider a great deal of information, show the results of the research, provide evidence you find pertinent, revolve around the theme. A successfully written body will provide 80% of the word count. The majority of the work is already done, thanks to it writing conclusion and introduction will be easier tasks now.

Ask for help

Two heads are better than one. You`ve gone to great lengths to do an academic assignment, but the requirements of word count are still not met. Introduce the work you have already done to your friend who is versed in this topic. After reading your writing he or she can think carefully about it, assess its strengths and weaknesses, form their own opinions about certain issues and give pieces of advice about how to make your research paper longer from his or her points of view. Don’t ignore criticism, be objective and take into account possible ways of reconsidering and re-organizing your writing with a view to lengthening it. Give details about some relevant information you have heard from your friend. Maybe you will find out about a reliable source that you didn’t use. Every help may be beneficial, appreciate it.

Don t look for an easy way

Relying on “easy” tricks such as shifting the typeface, altering the margins, doing the periods and all the stuff like that in order to make research paper look larger isn’t a suitable way to follow. Adding quantity should not lead to sacrificing quality. Moreover, the marker is most likely aware of all those old and evident tricks, so he can spot them immediately, and it will make a poor impression about that student and influence the grade.

Make your research paper longer, not worse, avoid all those easy tricks and concentrate on the material.

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Include quotations

Having conducted research, you will have paraphrased in your academic assignment findings from other sources. While using citations, you will not get accusations of plagiarizing. Furthermore, the number of words used will increase. In fact, it is important to cite the work of numerous scholars since the results of previous studies in this field enhance the argumentation and make your research paper longer and better.

Include linking and transition words

Whether you are describing similarities or showing cause and effect, use linking words, like “correspondingly,” “for this reason,” “since” and others that are both useful and appropriate to academic language. They help explain your point of view, make writing as clear and precise as possible and give prompts on what to expect from certain paragraphs and sentences. Not only your paper will flow smoothly, but also the amount of words used will increase, and the marker will be satisfied to read the transition words in your research paper.

Although writing an academic assignment may seem to be a daunting procedure, taking into consideration possible ways to make your research paper longer will facilitate that process. Be original, show enough perseverance, pay attention to detail, engage in research and avoid tricks like increasing line spacing or font size at all costs. Anyone can learn to write an academic assignment. Following standard formats, guidelines on which writing research papers is based and those tips in question help you increase the word count and get satisfaction from the done work.

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