What Is a Satire Essay?

Satire is a form of literature in which the author uses humor, irony, exaggeration, and ridicule to criticize something. Satire essays work because they’re funny and make you think about the issue at hand.

You may be required to write a satire essay for an assignment in school or for work. You can also write one to share with friends and family members as a way of expressing your opinions on current events or pop culture.

If you’re writing a satire essay for school, make sure that your teacher knows what it is before you begin writing it. You should also be sure that they understand the guidelines of satire writing so that they can provide feedback on your work if necessary.

You can use satire in almost any topic area; however, some topics are more suitable than others. For example: politics, religion, gender equality, race relations, environmental issues and health care reform would all make good topics for satire essays. You shouldn’t create a satirical piece about topics like love or family because these subjects don’t lend themselves well to humor or ridicule without being offensive at some point along the way!

What do you write in a satirical essay?

Satire is a form of writing that pokes fun at a particular topic or person. It can be used to make a point, or it can just be funny. Satire can be used in any number of situations and genres, but in general, satire has two main goals: to entertain and to make a point.

In order to write a satire essay, you’ll need to think about your target audience and what they will find funny. If you’re writing for an audience that does not appreciate sarcasm or irony, then it would not be appropriate for you to use those types of humor in your essay. You should also consider the tone that your target audience typically uses when communicating with each other. For example, if your audience tends to use very formal language when talking with one another, then it might not be appropriate for you to use slang terms or casual language in your satire essay because it could come off as disrespectful towards them or their culture/backgrounds/etcetera).

When choosing what topic(s) to satirize, remember that there are no boundaries! The possibilities are endless! You could satirize anything from politics (both local and national) all the way down to pop culture trends like how much people love Netflix binge-watching.

Types of a Satire Essay

A satire essay is a piece of writing that uses humor and sarcasm to make a point about something. The tone of the essay is often mocking or sarcastic, and it may poke fun at people, companies, or political figures. Satire essay examples can be written in any genre, from fiction to nonfiction.

There are many different types of satire essays:

  • satirical biography
  • political satire
  • social satire
  • literary satire
  • philosophical satire
  • comic strip satires

Satire Essay Outline

  1. Thesis statement (the idea you want to prove)
  2. First body paragraph (explain the idea)
  3. Second body paragraph (explain the idea)
  4. Third body paragraph (explain the idea)
  5. Conclusion

Thesis statement (the idea you want to prove)

The first paragraph should include a statement of the purpose of your essay and an introduction to the topic.

The first sentence should be a “grabber” that draws the reader in, as well as a topic sentence which states your thesis. You will use this same sentence structure throughout the essay, stating what you’re going to say in each new paragraph, so that the reader can keep track of your argument. It’s important to give yourself time to make these points clear! If you have some difficulties when writing your first satire essay, you may ask professionals to help edit or “do my essay” completely to get a well-written sample you may learn from.

The second sentence should transition smoothly from the first one, so that readers don’t have trouble following along when you start moving into new satire essay ideas later on. Your second sentence should also summarize your thesis statement (see above) so that it doesn’t get lost in all those other details below!


  1. First body paragraph: A summary of the main points from the introduction. (1 sentence)
  2. Second body paragraph: Thesis statement, expanded on with examples from literature/film/television/history/etc. (3 sentences)
  3. Third body paragraph: Why is this important today? What do you think will happen in the future with satire? Why do we need it now more than ever before? (2 sentences)
  4. Conclusion: Restate your thesis, add a call to action, or summarize the main points of your essay.

Tips and Tricks for Writing a Satire Essay

Writing a satire essay is a fun and challenging way to get your message across. Satire is a way to critique a topic or issue by making fun of it, which often involves exaggeration and humor. It can be used in writing for any level, from primary school to college and beyond.

You can use satire in an essay to make the reader think about an issue in a new way or to make them question their opinions on the subject matter.

Here are some tips for writing a satire essay:

  • Choose an issue that you feel strongly about, or one that has been covered in the media recently
  • Brainstorm ideas for what you could say about the topic or issue
  • Write down your best ideas and put them in order, using bullet points or numbers so that they’re easy to follow while writing your paper later on (you may end up using only one idea from this exercise)
  • Make sure that your points are clear and concise; don’t overcomplicate things by trying too hard to make them funny.

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