Academic writing is all about presenting thoughts and ideas in a written form while paying attention to the logical order and mutual relation of those thoughts. In a definition, it sounds complicated and confusing. However, everything can be solved if using a excellent research paper structure. In this article, you will learn how to write a research paper structure to get the highest grade for your task. Follow simple rules and change your writing style into a talented work.

For the preparation of a research prepare teachers have to uniform the requirements for the content and structure of the thesis as. Sometimes the rules may vary according to the university, subject, or even class specialization. However, the main rules remain the same. The correct and logical structure of the research paper is the key to success in presenting and proving the topic.

The process of refining the structure is complex and can last for the entire study. It means that you will have to alter the outline while writing. You will continuously ask your scientific supervisor “how should a research paper be structured?” And he or she will tell you that each outline is individual. There are only necessary parts that should be included, and below this text, you will find this information.

The analyzed and systematized material is presented according to the content in the form of separate chapters, sections, and subcategories. Each section highlights an independent topic which is a different part of this issue. The topic should be revealed without missing the logical gaps, so starting to work on the section, it is necessary to distinguish its central idea, as well as the message of each unit. The content of the research paper is to investigate the problem under consideration, the degree and the state of its scientific development, meaning for the theoretical essence and practical value.

The problem is considered by comprehensive scientific analysis, the classification of practical recommendations, theoretical substantiation of the conclusions and the accurate reflection of the author’s point of view. The author’s opinion should be stated objectively and with no bias.

How should a research paper be structured with essential parts?

You can be surprised but preparing a structure for the structure is not a tautology. You need to know how to build a so-called skeleton of your article. For this, you may use the following simple outline. It can be used on any theme and for any subject.

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Here is the list of compulsory sections and elements which you have to include in your work.

  1. Title page
  2. Content
  3. A list of conditional abbreviations (if necessary)
  4. Introduction
    • Hook sentence (with the academic inclination).
    • Developing the presented idea.
    • Thesis statement.
  1. Main Body.
    • Paragraph 1
    • Paragraph 2

(the number of paragraphs varies depending on the lengths of your chapter).

  1. Conclusion
  2. The list of sources used.
  3. Additions (if necessary).

How to structure an academic research paper outline: tips

There are lots of variants about how you can prepare a structure. One of them is finding your most comfortable way to organize your thoughts. It can be a visionary, auditory or tactile type of memorizing the work. It is true that an academic research paper is not a short essay on several pages. It is huge amount of work accumulating about 50 or even more pages. Without a structure, your paper risk of becoming targetless and meaningless.

One of the ideas is to use sticky notes on a wall or a separate paper. This method is ideal for those who prefer to see the structure. This method is not only useful but creative. If showing a colorful poster with notes which denote each section of the research paper, your teacher will appreciate it.

Another recommendation regarding the question “How to write a research paper structure” is understanding the evaluation system. Before you start writing, ask your scientific supervisor to give to details about how your research paper will be analyzed. Here are some basic rules which examiners evaluate when reading your research paper. All those details can be included when preparing the structure for the very initial step of preparation and steps to write a research paper.

The evaluation system of a research paper structure:

  • the depth of the analysis of the special literature, including the use of the latest works of both domestic and foreign specialists;
  • relevance and perspective of the research topic;
  • the degree of scientific novelty;
  • research methodology – authenticity and verifiability of the findings;
  • the logic of the presentation of the material;
  • style, language, and spelling of the material.

All these points are specifically noted in the review, which should be given by a specialist in the field of scientific knowledge, appointed by the department.

You should consider all those details when preparing a research paper structure to gain a good result at the very end.

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