The subject of women’s rights is among the most relevant ones in modern society. Even though the feminist movement has been active for decades, only now it can be said that the playing field has become more or less leveled. However, the fight is still not over, and women’s rights essays can play an important part in the promotion of gender equality.

The main characteristic that sets this kind of essays apart is the subject matter, as it deals only with topics that are connected to women’s rights and the feminist movement. Regarding everything else, a women’s rights essay shares the same features as other types of writing assignments and uses the same means to support the ideas expressed inside.

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Women’s Rights Essay Topics

Even though you can create an essay on women’s rights in general, without diving into specifics, such academic pieces were written thousands of times already. That’s why it’s far more productive to focus your efforts on a particular aspect of this problem.

To aid you in the task of coming up with a relevant and interesting idea, here’s a list of potential women’s rights essay topics:

  • The Vindication of Women’s Rights
  • Abortion Is a Woman’s Choice
  • The Rights of Women in Modern Western European Countries
  • Women’s Rights in the Workplace
  • Forms of Women’s Rights Activism
  • Rights of Ancient Greek Women
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • The History of Women in the United States
  • Women’s Rights in Islamic Countries
  • Women’s Rights in Education
  • The Problem of Gender Equality in Modern-Day China
  • Feminism: Leading the Charge for Women’s Rights
  • How Women’s Rights Changed Throughout Different Eras

Women’s Rights Essay Introduction

The introduction is an essential part of an essay, as its purpose is not only to acquaint the reader with your topic but also to grab his attention. To accomplish the latter, it’s recommended that you begin your women’s rights essay either with an intriguing fact or with a surprising statistic about the problem posed in your topic. Then, you should write a couple of sentences that will gently transition the reader to the specific arguments you’re going to be discussing in your work.

Furthermore, the quality of the essay might benefit from the inclusion of a quote from a respectable individual who fought for women’s rights. The introductory section should end with the thesis statement, which is a single eye-catching sentence that contains the main idea of your essay.

How to Write Body for an Essay on Women’s Rights

The essay body has to contain the bulk part of the information and serves to prove your thesis statement. Traditionally, this section should consist of at least three paragraphs that develop the main idea of your topic and provide the details of your findings.

Each paragraph should be dedicated to a specific aspect of your subject and begin with a persuasive argument. That argument should be followed by supportive sentences that provide the context necessary for its understanding. It’s also recommended to add quotes from highly-regarded women’s rights fighters and to cite reliable sources

Additionally, you might consider adding a bit of humor to your essay body, as it will make your work more appealing to the reader. It’s also vital to create logical transitions between all the paragraphs so that none of the arguments exist in a vacuum.

How to Write Conclusion for an Essay on Women’s Rights

The purpose of the conclusion is to emphasize the meaning of the reasoning presented in the main body and to reiterate your thesis statement. Be mindful, however, to not make the mistake of merely copying the same sentences. Instead, you have to rephrase them in an original manner, so that the repetition isn’t too apparent to the reader. This is done by summarizing the most important facts and opinions expressed in the body and showing how they are all tied together. Remember, to express your thoughts with confidence, as your conclusion is a firm declaration and not a question.

A women’s rights essay should ideally end with a sentence or two that motivate the reader to continue exploring this topic and to educate others about the existence of this problem.

Women’s Rights Essay Examples

To better understand how an essay of this type should look like, let’s pick “Women’s Contribution During World War 2” as a topic. The thesis statement of this work would include the fact that during WW2 women’s rights gained more importance than ever before.

The first argument of such an essay would be that women were permitted to join the army and became involved in military equipment production. The second point you could make is regarding the importance that women played performing volunteer work. The third body paragraph would mention the fact that the female part of the population was allowed to work sixteen hours per day and carry out duties traditionally assigned to men.

The conclusion of this essay would summarize all of those arguments, but would also bring up the fact that women’s rights were still largely ignored during those years.

Let’s take a look at another women’s rights essay example, this time titled “The Three Waves of Feminism.” At the beginning of this essay, you could state that all three waves played a vital role in the fight for women’s rights and the reconstruction of the common perception of sex and gender.

The main body should consist of three paragraphs, each explaining the significance of a specific wave. Thus, the first point would be the introduction of suffrage and voting rights as a reward for the efforts made by the first wave feminists. The following paragraph should mention that the members of the second wave of feminism highlighted the importance of abortion and child care rights, as well as the accessibility of healthcare. The last body paragraph could contain information about how third wave feminism promoted its ideas and took part in social activism, trying to raise awareness about women’s rights problems on a larger scale than ever before.

The conclusion of this essay should tie all the previous paragraphs together and use them to reinforce the thesis statement.

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