Update March 25, 2024

Effective as of: December 2nd, 2022

This Payment Policy (the “Policy”) constitutes an integral part of our Site’s Terms and Conditions and is subject to the provisions thereof. In the event of any conflict between the Policy and other Website documents, the provisions of the Policy shall prevail.

This Policy outlines how the payments for our Services should be made and describes the existing refund procedures.


Pricing. The pricing for our Services is based on a bidding model. Once you place an Order, you will see bids from our writers. The final price will be the amount of the bid accepted by you and the price of any selected additional services if applicable.

Payment methods. To use our Services, you must provide one or more valid payment methods. You hereby authorize us to charge your payment method for the Services and any other amounts owed under the Terms.

If the payment was not successfully settled and you do not cancel your Order, we may suspend your access to the Services until we have successfully charged a valid payment method.

For some payment methods, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as currency exchange fees or online payment processing fees. Local tax charges may vary depending on the payment method used and may be added to the price for our Services, if applicable. Please note that if you live on the territory of the European Union and paid VAT in the process of the payment transaction, you do not receive it back in case of a refund. VAT is non-refundable. Check with your issuer for details, as you are solely responsible for payment of all such fees, commissions or taxes, etc.

Payment process. Placing an Order on the Site is free. When placing an Order, you agree to buy the Product. Therefore, you must deposit funds after you accept the bid of a writer. You can also add money to your Account Balance at any time to use it for new Orders. You shall release the agreed fee on completion and delivery of the Services and once the Product is accepted by you, either in installments or in one lump sum, based on the terms henceforth.

After the final Product is uploaded (100% completion is stated in your Order) you have 3 days to send us any complaints or revision requests. At the end of this period we will email you to remind about the payment for the Services performed. Please, review the Product carefully before releasing the full amount of money reserved for the Order. In case we have not received any complaints, the money reserved for the Order will be automatically released to the writer on the 4th day. Once the full amount is released, it is deemed that the Product is complete and accepted by you; therefore, no refund will be possible.

Account Balance.

You are entitled to request a withdrawal of funds from your Account Balance during the 6 month’s period from the day when the funds were deposited to the Account Balance. Upon the expiration of the mentioned period, we reserve the right to withdraw the funds from your Account Balance to cover the operation costs. We will email you a respective withdrawal notification beforehand.


You are entitled to request a reversal of your payment transaction (“Refund”) if you believe that the Product was accomplished below the standards and requirements in your Order Form or in our Terms. Any Refund is given at our discretion according to the quality assurance procedure specified herein.

Please consider the option of revision of your Order before requesting a Refund. To see the full information about Order revision terms, please check section Order Process of the Terms and Conditions.

If you are not satisfied with the Product and/or Order Revision did not result in the desired Product, and / or Order Revision is not an option for you - you are entitled to request a Refund during the Refund Period while the Order is in progress. The Refund Period begins immediately after the deadline to provide the Product expires and elapses after 72 hours. The relevant countdown is made by our system, upon the expiration of the Refund Period no Refund is possible.

Quality-based Refund requests are reviewed by our Support Team and processed within 3-5 business days after the request was received.

The Refund will be provided either to your Account Balance or to your payment method used for the payment transaction.

It is not possible to Refund any amount from your Bonus Balance.

Money-Back Guarantee. This Money-Back Guarantee describes how to request a Refund and cases when full, partial or no Refund is provided. Please note that partial Refunds are issued as an exception, depending on the situation described below.

Providing a detailed list of violations (the “LOV”) is an obligatory requirement and an important part of a Refund request process. The LOV is a document with a list of issues reflecting in detail all, and any discrepancies between the standards and requirements set out in your Order Form or provided for in our Terms, and the actual Product, which you refer to as the basis for your Refund request. Specific provisions may apply to the LOV on a case-by-case basis (i.e., plagiarism), therefore please make sure to match the specific requirements.

1. 100% of your payment is subject to Refund in the following cases:

1.1. If you decided to cancel the Order before a writer was assigned to it or 20 minutes after you created the Order. If this time frame has been missed, only partial compensation (point 3) would be possible, as we need to cover the costs incurred by the writer and the Company in providing you with the services you have purchased.

1.2. If you accidentally paid twice for the same Order - the Refund of the second payment will be provided upon your confirmation. Please note that if you place two identical Orders and pay for both, we will assume that you need both Orders to be completed and start working on them. Therefore, if any of the Orders are paid by mistake, please make sure you contact us within 20 minutes after the Order placement to clarify the situation.

1.3. If the Product was provided after the set deadline and was not downloaded by you.

1.4. If the Product does not align with the initial instructions from the Order Form and was not downloaded by you (subject to inspection of your LOV by our Quality Assurance Team). Initial instructions, in this context, are the ones that were listed by you while placing the Order before the writer started working on it.

1.5 If the level of plagiarism exceeded 10%. To invoke this rule you shall submit the extended and full version of the report from the plagiarism detection service (including but not limited to Turnitin, SafeAssign, WriteCheck). Please note that we do not and cannot guarantee that any Services will be plagiarism-free. We do not take any responsibility for plagiarism found in part provided by you. Materials that are not a part of our Service and/or Product are not being checked for plagiarism.

1.6. If you provide a valid report from the Turnitin detection service with a level of AI-generated content higher than 30%. Other checkers are not considered reliable due to the numerous cases of false positive results shown. However, your refund request might be investigated individually and checked additionally by our Support Team if you provide other reasonable arguments or proof from your professor/university. Please note we do not take any responsibility for AI found in part provided by you. Materials that are not a part of our Service and/or Product are not subjected to AI check.

Please note that if a 100% Refund is granted, you are not allowed to use the Product and all rights granted to you under the Product License are deemed terminated.

2. No Refund is Possible in the following cases:

2.1. If the Product was downloaded by you, meaning that it was used by you.

2.2. Your Order status is displayed as “finished”.

2.3. If you simply state that you are not satisfied with the Order and do not provide LOV to support your Refund request. The quality complaint is considered invalid without reasonable and detailed proof, and should you fail to provide such proof, we cannot investigate your complaint.

2.4. If there were technical or other issues on your end that prevented you from downloading the Product.

2.5. If you do not provide valid proof of plagiarism/AI as described above (see points 1.6. and 1.7.).

2.6. If the Order delivery date was missed because you provided insufficient materials or we could not contact you via the provided means of communication.

2.7. If the email address assigned to your account on our Website is invalid. When you request a Refund, we contact you via email. If we cannot reach you, we cannot proceed with your request.

2.8. If the deadline placed in the Order Form differs from the one that was actually required.

2.9. If the Order deadline was missed, but you have downloaded the Product and submitted a Refund request referring to lateness only after it has been downloaded.

2.10. Any VASes are non-refundable and inseparable from the initial Product and Service. The only exceptions are “Preferred writer,” “Writer's level,” “1-page abstract”, “Early Draft,” “Outline,” “Popular Writer,” “Hired before” if they were not provided to the customer in addition to the Product.

2.11. In cases when no Refund is possible, we reserve the right to issue a partial compensation on the Bonus Balance upon the decision of the Quality Assurance Team.

3. General Rules for Partial Refunds

All Partial Refunds on our website are offered in both cases, whether the Product was provided or not, and can be issued either on the available or the Bonus Balance:

- compensation on the available balance (refundable) is issued when the Product (or its part)was not provided or the Product was provided but not used (see point 3.2.)

- compensation on the Bonus Balance (non-refundable) is issued when the Product was provided and used (see point 3.3.).

3.1. Partial Refunds for Orders with no Uploads

Partial Refunds for Orders with no upload can be offered to your available balance if you decide to cancel the Order in Progress and depend on the amount of time that has passed since the Order date toward the Order deadline:

3.1.1. Partial Refund (70%) - Less than 50% of the Deadline Passed

If you decide to cancel the Order when 50% of the deadline has passed and the Product was not provided that time you can receive a Partial Refund of 70% to your available balance.

3.1.2. Partial Refund (50%) - 50-70% of the Deadline Passed

If you decide to cancel the Order when 50-70% of the deadline has passed and the Product was not provided that time, you can receive a Partial Refund of 50% to your available balance.

3.1.3. Partial Refund (30%) - More than 70% of the Deadline Passed

If you decide to cancel the Order when 70% of the deadline has passed and the Product was not provided that time, you can receive a Partial Refund of 30% to your available balance.

3.2. Partial Refund for Unused Product Parts

3.2.1. A Partial Refund can be offered if the Product has been completed partially by prior agreement with you not fulfilling the full paid page count. The amount of the Partial Refund will depend and be proportional to the amount of work provided.

3.2.2. A Partial Refund can be offered if the value-added service (VAS) was not provided and is not needed by you (“Preferred writer,” “Writer's level,” “1-page abstract,” “Early Draft,” “Outline,” “Popular Writer,” “Hired before”).

3.3. Partial Compensations for Orders with Uploads

A List of Violations (LOV) is required for cases where the Product has already been provided. Our Quality Assurance team will review the case, and the amount of compensation to the Bonus Balance will depend on the percentage of work completed by the writer at that time, adherence to the deadline, quality of the provided Product, and adherence to these Terms and Conditions.

You may be eligible for partial compensation in the following situations:

3.3.1. Partial Compensation - Missed Deadline (Up to 30%)

If the Order deadline was missed, but you intend to use the Product or parts of it, you can receive a partial compensation of up to 30%.

3.3.2. Partial Compensation - Insufficient Quality (Up to 50%)

If the Product does not meet quality standards, but you still intend to use it or parts of it, you can request a partial compensation of up to 50%. To initiate this, our Quality Assurance Team will need to verify the LOV, and the case will be reviewed within 3-5 business days.

This restructured information presents a clear and logical breakdown of our Partial Refund and compensation policy, including when LOV is required, specific scenarios, and additional rules.

Grade Guarantee

Grade Guarantee is an additional provision offered with any submission. This provision ensures that clients are eligible for a Money Back Guarantee if they do not receive a grade of at least an A- (or its equivalent) for their submission. The refund amount under this guarantee is the total cost of the transaction. For the purpose of this guarantee, if grades are not presented as letter grades, then percent grades or grades on a 4.0 scale will be accepted in accordance with the detailed grading table provided within our refund policy. This grading table is an essential part of the refund policy, elaborating on the conversion between letter grades, percent grades, and 4.0 scale grades to establish eligibility for the Grade Guarantee refund.

Letter Grade (No +/-) Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 Scale
Min Max
A A+ 97 100 4
A 94 96 4
A- 90 93 3.7
B B+ 87 89 3.3
B 84 86 3
B- 80 83 2.7
C C+ 77 79 2.3
C 74 76 2
C- 70 73 1.7
D D+ 67 69 1.3
D 65 66 1
D- 60 63 0.7
F F 0 59 0

Grade Guarantee Eligibility:

The Grade Guarantee service is exclusively available to our U.S. clients who have opted for this service at the time of their transaction. To be eligible for a refund under the Grade Guarantee, clients are required to submit a photograph or a copy of the certificate or grade printout, along with the professor's feedback, clearly indicating the grade received for the submission completed by our service. Eligibility for claiming a refund under the Grade Guarantee is within 6 months from the date of the transaction. All grade assessments for the purpose of this guarantee are subject to our discretion. Decisions regarding refunds under the Grade Guarantee are final and binding.


A chargeback (dispute) is a procedure of challenging a transaction initiated by the issuer on, following payment amount withdrawal and returned to the cardholder. This procedure is initiated by the (bank) issuer and performed by the acquirer, and not by us.

If you initiate a chargeback request and a 100% refund is granted, you are not allowed to use the Product and our Services, and all rights granted to you under the Product License are deemed terminated.