Every student who has a strong will to obtain a higher education has to get acquainted with a typical structure of a research paper. Writing a bibliography is of the utmost importance in terms of a research paper. First and foremost, sources which are used in the bibliography show your work’s credibility. Secondly, they give more formality to the essence of your work. Thirdly, they highlight you as a scholar in the niche that you represent.

In this article, we are going to find out how to bibliography a research paper in an easy and approachable manner.

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The Definition of a Bibliography

A plausible list of sources which a researcher uses in a paper of educational value is called a bibliography. Necessarily, it is placed on the last pages of a research paper, and a good works cited page is highly rated in terms of evaluating the mentioned piece of writing.

The Starting Point of Writing a Bibliography

Understandably, a reference to a bibliography has to take place when you are done with the primary information of your research paper. However, working it out has to be tracked throughout writing your academic paper for it is difficult to recollect every source when you have no outturn of resources.

Therefore, pre-work on a bibliography has to take place, and it is improperly to neglect this stage’s value. Remember that you may take a bibliography into consideration even after not starting a research paper if you know the topic and you have some ideas on how to develop it. Alternatively, you may find research paper proposal and annotated bibliography examples and have a preliminary vision of the essence of a bibliography. Also, read more about how to make a paper longer.

A Guide on Writing a Bibliography

The bibliography is an extended notion since it includes not only paper resources, but also electronic; therefore, you are not limited to a choice of literature. The following list will come in handy whenever there is a need to recollect how to write a research paper with a bibliography.

  1. The layout of a bibliography for a book.

Follow the offered pattern: write the author (last – first name). Mention the title of a book. Then write a city and a publisher. Do not forget about the date of publication. (Mind that all examples are artificial).

For instance: Green, John. The Truth. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1982.

  1. The structure of a bibliography for an encyclopedia.

Start with the encyclopedia title and the edition date. Then move to the volume number. Mention the article title and, of course, page numbers.

For instance, The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1999. Volume 4, “Madagascar,” pp. 40-45.

  1. The structure for a magazine.

The same as with the book, start with the author (last, first names), then mention the article title and name of the magazine. Write the volume number with a date and page numbers.

For example Black, Jordan, “Making Art.” Museum of Art Magazine. Volume 70, No.3, (Autumn 2001): p.90.

  1. The layout for the newspaper.

As usual, the author (last-first name) has to be written, then the article title and name of the newspaper. Also, mention the city and the state of publication. Make reference to the date. If it is available, then mention edition, section and, definitely, page numbers.

For example, Madison, Ann, “The Politics and its Effects.” The New York Times, New York, NY. (3/1/98): Atlantic Region, Section 5, p. 34.

  1. The bibliography about a person.

Write down a person’s full name (but last name first). Mention a man’s occupation and, what is typical of this type of bibliography, the date of interview.

For instance: Thompson, Marie. Accountant. December 5, 2017.

  1. For a film use the following bibliography.

Mention the title and the director of a film. After that write the distributor and indicate the year.

For example Braveheart, Dir. Mel Gibson, Icon Productions, 1995

  1. Online Resource will look like the following.

First of all, start with the authors of a message name with the following date. Mention the electronic conference or bulletin board (online). Also, define the subject of a message. Don’t forget to refer to the available e-mail address.

For instance: Adam Smith, (January 16, 2002). New Winners. Teen Booklist (Online). Helen [email protected]

As far as we see now, a bibliography is not a complicated issue. However, it is a bit time-consuming. Moreover, the more sources you have, the more beneficial it is for your research paper as a whole. A good researcher is the one who never underestimates the value of a bibliography because he or she takes in that in the further academic surrounding this knowledge would be appreciated.

Therefore, remember to do pre-work which has a necessary element, that is, a bibliography. Our article always comes in handy whenever you forget patterns.

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