When it comes to writing a research paper, a lot of questions may arise. For example, how should the structure of paper look like, what parts should the paper include, how many pages should the research paper consist of, what is the most crucial part of the research work, what kind of language should you use in your paper, can you say I believe in a research paper and many others.

So, if you’re writing a research paper and you’re struggling with these kinds of questions, don’t worry. We prepared many answers for you and highlighted them in this article.

Knowing how to prepare a research paper is very important during the academic period since in many cases these are used as an evaluation method, both in secondary education and in higher education. It is also important in the workplace, where it serves to find relevant information for companies and to present it to colleagues and supervisors. Therefore, it is essential to acquire and consolidate a method of study and a sample of the results.

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Tasks you should perform when writing a research paper:

  • Identify the problem to be solved and, therefore, a primary question of the work;
  • Select, as detailed as possible, the topic to investigate.
  • Prepare documentation of previous research published on this topic.
  • Establish a schematic or detailed work plan.
  • Develop a field of work.
  • Write the main body of the research work.
  • Prepare the conclusions.

Although the research can respond to different objectives, it is always important to keep in mind that the communication will be made to an audience that does not have to be specialized in the subject. When presenting your work, it’s good to make a detailed scheme that highlights the most important points and will allow being efficient and clear.

The important question in the presentation of the work (both written and oral) is can you say I believe in a research paper. On the one hand, it’s not forbidden to use I believe in the research works. On the other hand, using words I believe contradicts the ethics of the presentation of scientific materials. In research papers, It is always good to use impersonal language. For example, “it is believed,” “it was established,” “the research shows” and so on. Or, if you prefer to stay personal, use “we believe,” which applies to you and your scientific supervisor. So, if you want to use ”I believe” in the research paper, it is better to replace it with an impersonal quote “it is believed” or with the plural phrase “we believe.”

When selecting a topic, you must consider its originality and determine how it has been treated by other research works. The documentation process is decisive. In it, we can use publications, monographs, newsletters, professional journals, data banks, reports or technical projects. Now let’s define the structure of the research paper.

The usual structure of the research paper must consist of:

  • Introduction: in this part, it is indicated why the subject has been investigated and what is being sought in the research work.
  • Main body: it is the nucleus of the work, the place where data, concepts, and ideas are developed, presented and contextualized. The good idea is to outline it in detail and enrich it with tables and graphics.
  • Conclusions: this part includes the short summary of what was established in the paper and the ideas obtained. Sometimes it is accompanied by recommendations and advice on the subject.

Can you say I believe in a research paper in other cases?

When the conclusions are ready, it is about a time to do the final part of the research work, that is a detailed bibliography of all the sources that have been used during development of the research paper. This must be ordered in alphabetical order and in accordance with the general academic rules of presentation of bibliography. If citations from authors or other publications have been used in the main text, you can choose to enter them at the bottom of each page or the end of the text, in a separate section before the bibliography. You can also use footnotes and endnotes through the work.

One more important thing to take into account when writing a research paper is the language style. You must use a formal language, taking into account the style requirements of your college or university. As said before, it is advisable to write in the third person and to avoid both the excessive use of quotations and ambiguous terms. It is also not advisable to use too long sentences or abbreviations. Acronyms should always be used after accompanying explanation. That is, when you use any abbreviations, you should explain each of them the first time they appear in the text in quotes. For example, “VAT (value added tax) was calculated…”

So, now you know all the details of writing the research paper, and you can proceed to write and use I believe when necessary.

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